BoxyCharm June 2017

Hi gorgeous!!!

                     Today I want to tell you guys about a monthly subscription called “BoxyCharm” and what I received this month. So BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription box, its cost is $21.00 and you receive 4 to 5 full size and luxury beauty items. This box have a value over $100.00. 

This month theme is “DownTown Charm”. Here is what I received:

Luxie Beauty Brush “Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered brush 640($24.00)

                     This beautiful brush is made of flexible synthetic bristles. You can use it for baking under the eye areas or swipe off excess powder from your face. I love Luxie brushes they are so soft!!! They brushes that I owned had been by my monthly subscriptions.

RealHer “RealHer Play Book I Shadow Palette” (9×0.04 oz) ($28.00)

                         This eyeshadow palette is called “Be your one kind of beauty”. RealHer is a cruelty free and natural makeup brand. There were 3 shadow palettes and I received the “RealHer Play Book I”. These eye shadows are very pigmented, long wearing, crease resistant and fade resistant. It’s designed for all eye colors and skin tones. So far I like it!!!

Artist Couture “Diamond Glow Powder” (4.5 G) ($26.99)

                                This shade is called “Illuminati” and it’s like a champagne color. You can use for highlight , on your eyes, lips and body. I love it!!!

Ofra Cosmetics “Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick” ($19.90)

                      I really love this shade “Santa Ana”. It’s feel creamy and soft. Also its kind of matte and I love, love matte lipsticks. And it came with a coupon!

Biobelle Cosmetics “Botanic Fiber Facial masks” ($4.99 each)

They send 3 facial mask:

  •             Moisturizes to help the skin appear smooth & firm #Beauty Secret (.88 oz). 

                            It tightens, brightness and deeply hydrate the skin. Contains pomegranate and hyaluronic acid. I used this one and                   my skin feels amazing and soft. I usually have allergy reactions to some products, but I didn’t had with this facial mask.

  •            Enhances skin’s natural glow #iwoke up like this. (.88 oz)

                            This facial mask helps to restore skin’s natural clarity and glow. Helps to diminish the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. Contains wild rose and vitamin C.

  •             Prep the skin for a flawless makeup application #Primer (.81 0z)

                            This 5 minutes facial mask enhances radiance, minimizes pores and evens skin tone. Contains tea tree oil, rose hip extract and vitamin C. 

They are paraben free, gluten free, No GMO’s and are made with natural extracts.

In conclusion: I highly recommend this monthly subscription!!! If you can’t afford for this amazing and beautiful products you can obtain them by only paying $21.00 every month. (AWESOME RIGHT?!?!?!) 😉

I hope this post could be helpful for you guys, See you in the post!!!

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Hi I’m Abby. I’m the creative mind behind Abby’s little corner. I love to decorate, organize, diy projects, beauty, reviews and have fun! I love to help and give ideas. I'm currently studying Master Makeup Artistry , Hair Styling and Fashion Styling. My dream is to be a makeup artist and a Fashion Designer, with your support let's make this dream come true!!! 😘

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