How to make yuca puree for your little one

Hi beautiful,

This year I have been trying to save money and recently my 6 months baby started eating.  So one day I was talking with my husband and said to him ” you know what I am gonna start making homemade baby food for the baby, that way he is gonna eat healthy and we can save some money” and he said “alright, lets do it!!!”


I had made homemade applesauce, cantaloupe puree, carrots puree, sweet potatoes puree and yuca puree. The other day I was looking for yuca and here where I live I found this one in the freezer section at the grocery store.




I cut and boiled the yucas until they got smooth. I boiled them for about 10 minutes. Then I put them in the blender and I add about 1/4 cup at a time until it looks like a puree or the consistency that you like.



I used this blender the “Nutri Ninja 2 -in- 1” I bought it at Sam’s Club but you can get it at amazon . When I have the consistency that I want I pour it in ice cube trays (I got these ones at amazon ).




I put them in the freezer until they were frozen.





Then I took the yuca cubes divided them into 3 Ziploc. 2 Ziploc of 10 yuca cubes and the other Ziploc of 12. And don’t forget to label the bags.




What was left of the yuca I put it in 2 containers and used my label machine.  I made the label with the name of what was inside and the date. I used this ones first and then I used the one that were frozen. So when I finished puting the labels to the containers I put them in the refrigerator.




Super easy right?! Every time I am gonna feed the baby I take two yuca cubes and I warm it up. And mix them with banana, apple, pear or cantaloupe.  Banana is his favorite!!!

I hope your little ones like it!!! I will soon post one about how I make sweet potatoes to my baby with more detail. See you soon…