Products I use for when I do my hair


Hi Gorgeous!!!


I hope you guys are having a great week!!! I am 💜. So I want it to do something different today instead of showing you guys my monthly subscription boxes ( actually I still need to upload the ones from October 😉😁). After having an amazing day trick or treating on Halloween with my family, my hair was a disaster!!! 😱 I couldn’t brush my hair or even do a ponytail 😂 Believe me it was awful lol.


Before I wash my hair, I did a hot oil intense conditioning treatment. I used theVO5 Hot Oil Intense Conditioning Treatment. I apologize for not having a picture of it, I forgot. I got a crystal container and pour there hot water and then I put the oil in the container for 1 minute. After waiting the minute I opened it and apply in all my hair and let the treatment work in my hair for 1 minute. I rinsed the treatment and then wash my hair using this products I got by an offer at the Ipsy Shop. They smell amazing, like essential oils and you feel like a fresh sensation in your scalp after using them. Fatboy. They have a cost of $26.00 each at but you can find them at amazon Fatboy Shampoo and Fatboy Conditioner . I love that they helps to repair damage, increase hair strength and protect hair from UV-damage.



This was my hair when I washed it.



Yay!!! I could brushed my hair again LOL. For detangling my hair I use Dubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray by Daniel Galvin Jr in the scent of Cool Cucumber. And I use a little bit of Pure Brazilian Miracle leave-in conditioner that I got in one of the Ipsy Glam Bags. I used both because like I told you at the beginning my hair was a disaster! Is the first time I am using the Pure Brazilian Miracle and so far I love it, it let your hair smelling amazing and feels so soft too.



I used the Curved and Vented Detangling Hair Brush by Repsol Care I bought it at amazon and it comes in a set of 2. I love this brush!!!



After detangling my hair I use Pureology Smoothing Serum. This serum protects your hair from heat. Also, it smooths and control frizz for all colored hair types. I apply a small amount in my damp hair because you don’t need to much , just with a little amount this serum works great. Apply it before using the blow dryer.



To dry my hair I use the Brazilian Heat Thermal Ceramic Ion Brush and the Twin Turbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair Dryer. I love them both, the Brazilian brush is amazing its change color when is hot.



This how my hair look with only using the hair dryer.



Then I used the FHI Brands Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron (I got mine at Target but you can find it at Amazon too and it include a case. The link is for the one at Amazon) and I used with a V shape Styling Comb.



But before using this great styling tools don’t forget to always use a heat protector product for your hair. I used the Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Heat Protection Spray. That way you don’t get your hair damaged by the heat of the flat iron.



Last but not least important an oil, so your hair look shiny and healthy. I use this one that my mom sent me, the Matrix Oil Wonders. It is a strengthening oil and it’s amazing , my hair looks beautiful and healthy.



And this is the final look!!! This how my hair looks after the flat iron.



In LOVE!!! EASY right!!! I just use the flat iron the day I do my hair and I use the hair dryer when I need to fix it, like when my hair gets a little wet or it doesn’t look as I want it. Also, after you use the heat settings when drying your hair, use the cool one in all the hair that way you seal the hair cuticles and it stay with the style you want and beautiful.


Remember that when you use hair tools that get hot, always use a Heat Resistant Mat, that way you will be protecting the surface you are using.



I hope this post will be helpful for you guys. If have any concerns or want me to write about something you are interested let me know!!! See you guys in the next one…😉

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