How to paint a ceramic tray

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Welcome back to my blog!!! I hope you guys had an amazing beginning of the week!!! Today I was cleaning and organizing my arts and crafts closet and I found a ceramic tray. I remembered that got it free at the thrift store like 2 years ago. So finally, I decided to paint it!!! I want it in white and use it to use it in my kitchen. I didn’t want to spend money to make this project, I used what I already have here in my home. And it was super easy!!! 😉 (Sorry I didn’t took a picture of how it was before I paint it)



What you will need?


– Acrylic white paint ( I used Anita’s All Purpose Acrylic)

– Paint brushes (2)

– Mod Podge Matte

– Some kind of paper to protect the surface that you are using ( I used a piece of a drawing paper roll)



First, I cleaned and dryer it. Then I start painting it with acrylic paint in White.






This was with only 1 coat.






So I gave it 3 coats and let it dry. When it was completely dry, I started to seal it with the mod podge (matte).





I used the other brush to seal it and I let it dry for about 1 hour. I put it in a save place, that my kids weren’t going to ruin it 😊. And this is how it turn out!!! 💜💜💜




And this is how the tray look at my kitchen!!!





I love how it looks in the window of the kitchen. This is an idea of what you can put in the tray, but there are so many things you can decorate it with, like candles, products that you use in the kitchen ( for cleaning), hand lotion for when you finish doing the dishes you can moisturize your hands, etc…



I hope you guys enjoy this project and see you soon!!!




DIY Basket

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I was yesterday picking up my dog toys and cleaning the living room. And I was thinking what can I use or buy to maintain my dog toys organize in the living room. I was thinking and thinking what I wanted there, besides her bed. So, I got to the conclusion of “I don’t need to waste money to have something pretty for her toys. I found an empty box, hot glue, fabric, and jute rope. I decided to make a basket out of a box. I just gonna tell you guys, it turned out super cute, so I decided to use in the bathroom instead😉.



What you need?


1. Empty cardboard box

2. Hot glue

3. Glue sticks

4. Muslim fabric 1 yard*

5. Jute rope

6. Scissors

*you aren’t going to use it all, just depends of the size of the cardboard box.


First, I plugged in the hot glue and while it was getting hot, I cut off the box flaps. Then, I started wrapping the cardboard box at the bottom first with the jute rope using the hot glue to adhere it to the box. I was putting hot glue at the corners of each side and in the middle in every single loop. When I got to the middle of the cardboard box, I then put in the Muslim fabric. I put it in like a basket liner and cut the parts I wasn’t gonna use (that’s how I measured the fabric).


After I measured the fabric, I glued it to the box. And started wrapping again with the jute hiding the fabric with it. I wrapped like 1 inch of the fabric. When I finished wrapping the box + fabric I made a bow without cutting the jute rope and glued it and then I cut the rope.



AND TA-DA!!! This is the final look!!!



You can fill your pretty basket with whatever you want!!! In mine I have some soap samples from Lush ( I love them!!! Their product are amazing) and bath bombs for my kids, this one is Body and Earth Bath Bombs (Cherry Blossom) that I got in the clearance section at Walmart. Also, I might include toilet paper and some daily liners  and feminine pads  (that way I can have them handy when I need them). That are some ideas of items that I am thinking to put in mine basket. What are  you gonna include in yours?! Comment below ↓


I hope you guys enjoy this DIY Project!!! ♥♥♥


Sea canvas decoration

DIY Sea canvas decoration

Hi gorgeous,

The other day we went to target and I found this amazing shark’s shower curtains and I fall in love with them. I had decorated my kids bathroom with the Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty themes, but this time I wanted something different. So, we decided to decorate the bathroom with the colors: sky blue, navy blue, and white as our color palette. 

I was looking one of the walls of the bathroom and I thought “this wall need something”. So I decided to make diy decorations. I was looking through my crafts materials and I found two canvas, paints, vinyls and others materials. I love been creative!!! I made something simple and really easy to make. My kids love it!!!




To make this super easy decoration, you will need:




So first, I mixed the two acrylic paints together to make the color that I wanted to use. Then I paint the canvas complete and making sure I paint all the borders, too. I did two coat on both.



While they were getting dry I started making the letters, number, boats and animals using the Cricut Expression.  I used these two cartridge to make them:




They are so cute!!! My baby boy likes sharks but in the cartridges that I have, they didn’t had images of sharks. So we decided to use octopus, whales, fishes and boats. I include the words “Sea” and the number 3 (because I have three amazing kids). I also, did a seahorse using a metallic marker in the shade “Gold” and I outlined the word “Sea”, too. I love how it turned out. Here you can have a best look of this awesome/fun creation! 





I hope you guys like it and have a lot fun with your little helpers!!! See you guys soon!!!

Message station for my parents


I was watching my welcome and Bulletin board wall of my FCC program and was thinking “Well, I need to make something that can help me to handle my parents their children’s  daily reports or information without forgetting nothing” So I came up with this idea and what I like the most about this idea is that is super inexpensive. And help me to keep things organized in that area.

I made this little message station in the wall. What you need:


  • Photo mailer envelopes
  • scissor
  • scrapbooking papers
  • tape (I used for the inside, it was more easy)
  • packaging tape ( i used this one for the outside)


I cut like 1/4 of the envelope


And cut it like this (this will be the front part)


I cut out the corners:


I cut this part to use it later


Here I’m showing you how I cut it to cover the envelope and how I used the part that I told you we were gonna use later:


And Tadaaa. This is how it looks!!!


I made four (right now I only have three kids and the other one is gonna be for drop-in) This is how part of my wall looks now!!!


I hope you guys like it!!! I will be doing more awesome project and sharing with you all!!!

Have a great day,