Goals for 2018

Hi Gorgeous,


               First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope that in this new year 2018 all your dreams and wishes come true and I know it will be an amazing year!!! I just want to apologize for not been active in here and all my social medias accounts. Last year was full of excitements and not so excitements moments lol but the important thing is that we are here NOW and we are gonna make this year an amazing and awesome year with new goals in mind. 


              So I started this year full of energy and excitement!!! I know this gonna be the best year ever!!! ♥♥♥ A new beginning, new goals, and new projects. Also, I started this year with a lot of goals in mind and I was having a difficult time getting all the ideas that I want to do together in my head. So, I decided to create a list and set my goals by categories. And I remember that I bought once a planner of one amazing blogger (I am a super fan). Abby Lawson Just a girl and her blog. I bought this Simplify+Planner and one of the segment called Goals and Planning their is this page that you can set your goals by categories and organize your goals/ideas. Go check her page!!! 


I organized my goals from the ones that are super important to the ones that aren’t, but it doesn’t that I am not gonna complete them, just that some of them deserve to be on top to make this year an amazing one. Like for example:


One of those goals is to save money. And my lovely sister got me this incredible Budget Planner that I had in my wishlist for Christmas. I love the The happy planner planners and their accessories. I buy from their website (Me&MyBigIdeas)Michaels Store or Amazon. (I am gonna make a post about these planners and explain why I love them and how they help me organize my days). So, in this budget planner, I can make a saving plan, make a month at a glance (every month), make a bill pay checklist, track my expenses and write some notes. This is an idea of how this budget planner is gonna make my “save money” goal easier for me.


               I took the “setting goals” paper from Abby Lawson Simplify+Planner to organize all my goals. When I finish writing them down, I want to laminate the paper (s) and have a corner of one wall of my office as an inspirational wall and put them there. That way I can see the list everyday and complete all of this goals and get inspiration to make them real.  


               I hope you guys have an amazing year!!! And I hope you guys like this post. This year I have a lot of great project coming soon… See you guys!!! ♥♥♥      



Ps: I am gonna be posting about the great products I got last month from the monthly subscription I receive every month and the referral links.