Weekly Challenge to Save Money

Do you want to know how to save money weekly? This is one of my goals for this year…

Hey gorgeous!!!

I hope you guys are having an amazing week!!! We are ♥♥♥ and also, has been super busy too. I am completing  my assignments for this week and getting everything ready for my kids Birthday Party!!! They are excited but I think mommy is more lol. 

So, today I want to talk you about one of my goals for this year and that is Saving money!!! I think all of us wish to complete this goal at end of this year… In the past I have following different type of challenges to save  money but sincerely I never complete them. I was thinking “WHY?!” the true “I don’t really know why I never completed them” But this year I really want to make it and complete it. So far, I am doing great… 

Do you want to know how I am doing this posible? Just keep reading and I will show you how. ♥♥♥

I open a saving account in the bank and I made a kind of list of how much I will depositing each week in the saving account. I named the list “Weekly Saving Deposit 2018”. That way I can see how I am doing and the balance I have at the moment. This way I am getting compromised and motivated to do it. So, I will be sharing with you, my “Weekly Saving Deposits 2018”:


Weekly Saving Deposits 2018


I hope this is really helpful and make your saving goal come true!!! And I hope you like it. See you soon gorgeous…