Sea canvas decoration

DIY Sea canvas decoration

Hi gorgeous,

The other day we went to target and I found this amazing shark’s shower curtains and I fall in love with them. I had decorated my kids bathroom with the Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty themes, but this time I wanted something different. So, we decided to decorate the bathroom with the colors: sky blue, navy blue, and white as our color palette. 

I was looking one of the walls of the bathroom and I thought “this wall need something”. So I decided to make diy decorations. I was looking through my crafts materials and I found two canvas, paints, vinyls and others materials. I love been creative!!! I made something simple and really easy to make. My kids love it!!!




To make this super easy decoration, you will need:




So first, I mixed the two acrylic paints together to make the color that I wanted to use. Then I paint the canvas complete and making sure I paint all the borders, too. I did two coat on both.



While they were getting dry I started making the letters, number, boats and animals using the Cricut Expression.  I used these two cartridge to make them:




They are so cute!!! My baby boy likes sharks but in the cartridges that I have, they didn’t had images of sharks. So we decided to use octopus, whales, fishes and boats. I include the words “Sea” and the number 3 (because I have three amazing kids). I also, did a seahorse using a metallic marker in the shade “Gold” and I outlined the word “Sea”, too. I love how it turned out. Here you can have a best look of this awesome/fun creation! 





I hope you guys like it and have a lot fun with your little helpers!!! See you guys soon!!!