Sand Cloud July 2018

Check this month shirt and socks design and of course the amazing extra items…

Hey Gorgeous!!!


Yesterday I received my Sand Cloud Monthly VIP Club Box!!! And let me tell you this month design is beautiful!!! Also, this months extra items are amazing… If you want to know more about the Sand Cloud and their monthly VIP club click here


Here is this month box:




Shirt and socks design






In this month, the shirt design (Sea Turtle) is located at bottom left side instead of the back of the shirt. And their logo is located in one of the sleeve. I love it!!! Is something different and I love the color of the shirt and the design this month!!!




This month I receive a sea turtle key chain, stickers and 2 pins. 








I am totally in love with this monthly club! I love to support brands like this one. If you want to subscribe or buy from them. you can use my referral code “ABBY773” and get a 15% off of your order!!! 


I hope you guys enjoy it and see you soon…



Sand Cloud May 2018

I love this monthly VIP Club subscription and the items I received this month are amazing…

Hellooo Gorgeous!!!


I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!!! This weekend I received my Sand Cloud box!!! YAY!!! I love this month design ♥♥♥  If Sand Cloud is new to you, allow me to explain to you what Sand Cloud is about…


What is Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud is a brand that has a mission, to save Marine Life!!! They donate 10% of profits to non-profits that supports their mission. They support organizations like:

 Marine Conservation Institute

– Surfrider Foundation 

– Pacific Marine Mammal Center

– San Diego Coastkeeper

– Hawaii Wildlife Fund

They sell beautiful towels, shirts, and accessories… 


What is the Sand Cloud Monthly VIP Club Subscription?

This monthly VIP Club subscription is about a shirt & sock club. Each month, you’ll receive a new pair of Sand Cloud Socks and a MATCHING Shirt!!!


How it does work?

You select the size of the shirt and they will send you a themed marine life Shirt and Sock each month. And you became a member you will get exclusive pricing, merchandise, and more… And you can cancel your subscription anytime!!!

Shirts are designed and printed in California, they are 100% cotton, and lightweight. Also, they are unisex and crew neck, relaxed boyfriend fit.

Socks are one size.


How much it cost?

This Monthly VIP Club Box has a cost of $26.00 + $4.00 os shipping = $30.00 each month. 


So, Now that you know what is Sand Cloud, what it does, and how their VIP Club works, let me show what I received this month!!!




This month is the first time they sent our awesome items in their NEW Sand Cloud VIP Club Box. Also, they included a Sand Cloud Key Chain!!! It is beautiful…




Pictures of the items:






I hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you soon…