MorpheMe September 2017

Hellooo gorgeous,


               I hope you guys are good and save!!! Today I received my MorpheMe brushes, yay!!!! I got super excited when I saw the package in the mailbox. So let’s start!!!


               The theme for September is “Aquatic Dreams”. I received 4 brushes, and I love them. They feel soft, they are great quality brushes. I always carry these brushes with me in my makeup kit. 




They look amazing right?! These are the Morphe burshes I received:

  • Morphe ME6 “Flat Buffer”
  • Morphe M577 “Jumbo Crease”
  • Morphe M578 “Pencil Crease”
  • Morphe M576 “Pointed Blender”




Morphe ME6 “Flat Buffer” ($15.00)


FullSizeRender (1)


You can use this brush to bluff in your foundation and creams products. It’s great because it doesn’t absorb so much product. 


Morphe M577 “Jumbo crease” ($6.00)


FullSizeRender (3)


This is a blending brush, for transition colors and blending harsh lines.


Morphe M578 “Pencil Crease” ($4.00)


FullSizeRender (4)


This rounded pencil crease brush can be use to apply color in the crease and define the lower lash line. It’s great for precise placement and strong pigmentation.


Morphe M576 “Pointed Blender” ($6.00)


FullSizeRender (2)


This amazing blending brush will help to create a soft look in the crease that is perfect for transition colors.


Coming Soon (Spoilers my love)!!!

               Soon will be able to leave feedback about the brushes and we will receive some Rewards Points for our feedback!!! They are also launching a new individual brush trade option ( so that way you don’t have to trade all the brushes you are gonna receive that month, instead you trade the one that you don’t want/like). YAY!!! I’m so excited about this.


             This month Morphe brushes have a total of $31.00. For $19.99 is not bad!!! I really love this brushes and I highly recommend them. If you would like to subscribe to this amazing subscription 😉, here is my referral link if you use it you get a free morphe brush!!!: