MorpheMe Brushes July 2017

Hi gorgeous,

               I’m back!!! 💜 sorry that I’ve been gone for awhile. I had to make an emergency trip to Florida. But I’m excited to be home and here for you guys. Today I’m gonna show you another monthly subscription that I LOVE!!!. This subscription is called “MorpheMe”.

               In this subscription you received every month 3 to 8 morphe brushes. You get $30.00 or more in makeup brushes (free shipping to US) for $19.99 monthly. You can skip a month and cancel anytime. Also you earn rewards points that can be redeemed for free makeup, nail polish and makeup brushes. You can earn rewards points by remaining an active member. Each month you earn 100 points, you can also earn additional points by referring your friends using your referral link. And the best part!!! If you refer a friend, you can each get a Makeup brush. Awesome right?!?!?!

               This month theme is “Glam Gala” and they send 8 morphe brushes!!!

  • M173 “Mini Buffer” ($4.99)

               This synthetic brush have a rounded tip that’s perfect for precision work in the corners of the eyes and around the nose. You can use it to blend out under eye concealer or with cream contour products for a defined, sculpted look.

  • M411 “Pointed Blender” ($4.99)

                A soft natural tapered crease brush with a pointed tip that’s great for creating a sharp crease or defining outer corners. You can get pigment in your inner corner and outer corners with this brush.

  • M331 “Jumbo Creased” ($3.99)

               This large, tapered brush is perfect for a soft wash of color in the crease and for blending out an over application of color.

  • M170-2 “Oval Taklon lip” ($1.99)

               A synthetic oval brush with firm bristles to create really sharp, precise lines with any lipstick and lip gloss. Also is great for cleaning up the edge for a perfect lip makeup.


  • M207 “Sable Angle liner” ($2.99)

               This natural hair, angled liner brush has a fine tip to precise lines. Use it with powder or gel for eyeliner and create a sharp, sexy cat eye. The small brush head also work great for brow brush.

  • E27 “Pro Round Blender” ($6.99)

               A tapered blending brush with a fat, rounded tip for buffing in color and smoothing edges. This brush will help you build a smooth transition in your crease. 

  • M168 “Precise Bullet Crease” ($2.99)

               A teeny, natural hair domed brush that is great for smudging out liner or packing on bold pigment. You can use it to smudge out your pencil liner or pop some eyeshadow on your lid or under eye. It’s perfect for highlighting your inner corner or brow bone, too.

  • M250-2 “Detail Liner” ($2.49)

               An ultra fine, synthetic detailed liner brush with a long tip to create defined lines. Great for liquid and gel liners. This brush will help create long straigh lines in a swoop!!! Really great for winging.

               In conclusion I really love and recommend MorpheMe subscription. If you love ❤️ brushes or like me that my work requires to have a variety of brushes you need this subscription!!! This 8 morphe brushes are valued $31.42 for only $19.99. That’s a great deal right!!! I hope you enjoy this post, see you in the next one!!! 😉

Here is my referral link if you guys want to join!!! 

#remember you are beautiful!!!💜