Sand Cloud

Have you heard of Sand Cloud?! Know what they are, how they help Marine Life, and about their amazing Monthly VIP Club!!!

Hi Gorgeous,

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!!! Mine was full of assignments lol. So, today I want to show you guys a amazing brand and their Monthly VIP Club box called Sand Cloud



*Picture from Sand Cloud Website.


What is Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud is a brand that has a mission, to save Marine Life!!! They donate 10% of profits to non-profits that supports their mission. They support organizations like:

Marine Conservation Institute

Surfrider Foundation 

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

San Diego Coastkeeper

Hawaii Wildlife Fund

They sell beautiful towels, shirts, and accessories… 



*Picture from Sand Cloud Website.


What is the Sand Cloud Monthly VIP Club Subscription?

This monthly VIP Club subscription is about a shirt & sock club. Each month, you’ll receive a new pair of Sand Cloud Socks and a MATCHING Shirt!!!


How it does work?

You select the size of the shirt and they will send you a themed marine life Shirt and Sock each month. And you became a member you will get exclusive pricing, merchandise, and more… And you can cancel your subscription anytime!!!

Shirts are designed and printed in California, they are 100% cotton, and lightweight. Also, they are unisex and crew neck, relaxed boyfriend fit.

Socks are one size.


How much it cost?

This Monthly VIP Club Box has a cost of $26.00 + $4.00 os shipping = $30.00 each month. 


So, Now that you know what is Sand Cloud, what it does, and how their VIP Club works, let me show what I received this month!!!




This month theme was a Polar Bear. I love the stickers!!! ♥♥♥



I am so in love with this shirt and socks!!! They feel so good and very comfy. 









P.S. I am a Sand Cloud Ambassador and as soon as I get my ambassador referral code, I will let you guys know. Have a great day!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you soon…



Ipsy Glam Bag February 2018

Want to know what is Ipsy Glam Bag subscription and see what I received this month?!

Hellooo Gorgeous!!! 


I hope you guys are having an amazing week!!! Have you guys received your Glam Bag yet?!?!?! I received mine yesterday and I love every beauty product I received. If you are New to Ipsy Glam Bag, let me help you understand what is about. Lets start!!!


What is Ipsy?




Ipsy is a monthly subscription called “Ipsy Glam Bag”. You receive:

– 5 beauty and makeup products (full-size or deluxe size) every month.

– A Glam Bag!!! (Each month you will receive a different and beautiful Glam Bag.)   


How much Ipsy Glam Bag cost?

I has a cost of $10.00 each month. You will be bill the 1st day of each month. You can pause it and skip a month (1 to 3 months). Or even just pay $6.00 (when you choose to receive your glam bag every other month)


Dates to remember!!!

1st of the month – Ipsy  payment

5th of the month – you can see the products you are going to receive

They have an app you can download in your phone and keep track of everything. Yo can see videos and posts, the “Beauty News”. Also you can review the products and share them by social media and earn some points. You can use your points to redeem them for products and samples. They choose the products for you based on your beauty preference ( that you fill out when you subscribe). 

They also have a shop called “Shopper”. You buy products and receive cash back and they have a section called “Ipsy offers” and you find some awesome deals. 


So, now that you know what is Ipsy and it works, let me show you what I received!!! Yay!!! ♥♥♥ 




These month theme is “Unzipped”. It’s about letting the people know that doesn’t matter your size, shape, or age, you are SEXY!!! Embrace everything you are!!!  Love yourself, you are beautiful and sexy!!! ♥♥♥




What I received:

Jersey Shore Cosmetics “Apple Harvest” Moisture Rich Hydrating Balm.

– Pür “Fully Charged” Mascara Powered by Magnetic Technology 

Seraphine Botanicals “Lychee + Gold” Healthy Glow Rose-Gold Blush

– Naked Cosmetics “Dessert Sunset”

– Luxie Brush “Blending and shading eye brush 249”

Glam bag



– Jersey Shore Cosmetics “Apple Harvest” Moisture Rich Hydrant Balm $10.00 (with item you already got back your $10.00 ♥)




This lip balm feels amazing in my lips. It will hydrate and moisture your lips. It is scented with essential oils and natural flavors. (I love using essential oils) Also, it is 100% natural and free of parabens, phthalates, artificial flavors, Gluten, Petroleum, and petrochemicals.

Jefrey Shore Cosmetics tip:

Our balms may be used on all parts of the body. Use on chapped lips, cheeks, fingers, and noses.


– Pür “Fully Charged” Mascara Powered by Magnetic Technology (.14 fl oz, 4 ml) (I am not sure if this one is the mini one or a sample, but if it is the mini, it cost is $15.00)




This mascara provide plumping hydration and prevent lines, wrinkles and premature aging. I am in love with it!!! it leaves my eyelashes with volume. (So far my favorites are Julep, Tarte mascaras and of course this one!!!) They describe it as an “anti-aging mascara that has a “magnetic” polymer matrix that wraps a positively charged elastic veil around each lash to instantly lift, separate and define each lash for long-lasting performance”. – Pür Cosmetics

Pür Cosmetics tips:

Begin by placing the brush wand at the base of lashes then hold for a few seconds to set. Wiggle the wand in a back and forth motion and repeat to build. Use the wand vertically to apply to the lower lash line. 


– Seraphine Botanicals “Lychee + Gold” Healthy Glow Rose-Gold Blush (.3g, .11 oz) $14.00





I love this shade “Rose-Gold”!!! It looks amazing with my skin tone. It contains lychee and chamomile extracts and micro gold frosting ( to make it look gorgeous and shimmery). Using the right amount of color, all skin tones can use it. I have some of Seraphine botanicals products and I love them, I think all of them I had received them in my monthly Glam Bags. 

Seraphine Botanicals Tips:

Using a blush brush, fan over apples of the cheeks, blending along the cheekbone. Wear alone for a healthy glow or as a blush topper layered on top of your favorite matte blush for an added pop of light.


– Naked Cosmetics ” Dessert Sunset” (.05 oz, 1.5 gm) $14.99




It is a beautiful warm shade “Desert Sunset #DE02” with a shimmer finish. I love it, specially when I want some sparkles in my eyes ♥♥♥. I use it sometimes as a highlighter, too. I really recommend it, if you love shades like this one.


– Luxie Beauty “Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249″ 




This amazing synthetic eye brush is an ipster-exclusive. It is a double sided brush. tapered on one end and fluffy on the other side. The tapered side you can use it to put colors on your lids and the fluffy end for blend your gorgeous creation!!! They are sooo soft!!! I love Luxie brushes!!! 


– February 2018 Glam bag




It is a beautiful pinkish bag with a decorative black lace. In love!!! ♥♥♥ (It could be an amazing gift!!!)


If would like to subscribe to this amazing glam bag, you can use my referral link:


I hope you guys enjoy this post!!! Let me know in the comments if you receive this month Ipsy Glam Bag and what you received in it. See you guys…






Simply Earth Essential Oils

Simply Earth subscription box!

Hiii gorgeous!!!

I hope you guys are having a blessed and wonderful weekend!!! 💜💜💜 So, yesterday I received a free “lavender” essential oil!!! By Simply Earth. It smells amazing, as soon as I opened it, I put a few drops in my diffuser in the living room. My house smells so good!!! I received it free by doing their quiz “Which essential oil is best for you?” and I only paid shipping!


I was looking for a essential oils subscription boxes and I found this amazing brand “Simply Earth”.

When I subscribe or buy things I always do some research for reviews, costs and what they offer. I was exploring their website and I love their monthly box and their shop, too. You can subscribe to their monthly box or buy essential oil and/or accessories! And their prices are affordable!!! (that is another reason why I love them!!! ♥♥♥) Oh! and their packaging is amazing, I like it!!!

The subscription box is called “Essential Oil Recipe Box”

How their subscription box works?

You will receive a box with $150+ value compared to big oils companies:

– 4 full size 100% pure essential oils 

– Bottles to make 5-6 recipes

– Plus 1-2 fun extras and ideas/recipes on how to use your oils!!!

Each month they have a new theme. Last box was for Beauty and this month is for Wellness. 

How much does the box cost?

It has a monthly cost of $39.00 or a quarterly cost of $45.00 (every 3 months). *You can cancel your subscription anytime* and it’s free shipping.

You can skip a month if you need to. Another thing that I like is that they give a 13% of their profits to help end human trafficking. 


This months box (February 2018) includes:

  • red bell pepperred bell pepper
red bell pepper

red bell pepper

Fractionated Coconut Oil

red bell pepper

Roll On Bottles

red bell pepper

Aluminum Bottle

red bell pepper

Menthol Crystals

red bell pepper

*Pictures from Simply Earth website.

Go and give it a look to their website:

I will definitely be subscribing to this amazing essential oil box soon!!! I am sooo excited that I finally found one that I like/love!!!

Hope you guys like it and see you soon…♥♥♥



MorpheMe February 2018

Hiii Gorgeous!!!




Today I am showing you guys the brushes I received this month in my MorpheMe subscription by LiveGlam. This month theme is “Cozy Up with Bae this Valentine’s Day” and this month they send 3 Morphe brushes.💜💜💜 If you are new to MorpheMe brushes club subscription, MorpheMe is a monthly club subscription with a cost of $19.99 each month. In this subscription you receive 3 or more Morphe brushes. They are good quality brushes!!!



This are the brushes I received this month:



– Morphe E23 “Deluxe Blender brush”

– Morphe E61 “Pointed Highlight brush”

-Morphe E34 “Tapered Blush brush”


– Morphe E23 “Deluxe Blender Brush” – $7.00




This synthetic brush helps you to blend color application in the crease or to buff away harsh lines. In love with this brush, my favorite blending brush!!! I recommend it…


– Morphe E61 “Pointed Highlight Brush” – $8.00




Amazing brush!!! You can use this synthetic tapered brush to put your favorite highlighter where you want it. It can be on your chin, inner corner of the eyes, nose, on top of the lip, and your cheeks.


– Morphe E34 “Tapered Blush” – $17.00




This synthetic blush brush you can use it to buff in blush right on the apples of the cheeks. Also, it can be use for powder and bronzing. I love it!!! It feels good when you apply your makeup with it.


Each month you receive a flyer with the theme of the month, description of the brushes, and coupons.



This month they sent a little card fixing the number of one of the brushes they described in the flyer. I love that they took their time to fix it and make it look sooo cute!!! 💜💜💜



In conclusion: This month brushes have a value of $32.00 for only $19.99 (you saved 12.01 plus shipping if you were ordering them online) AMAZING Right?!?!?! Let me know in the comments if you like this month Morphe brushes or not! And you think of them.

If you would like to join this amazing brush club subscription, you can use my referral link clicking here below


I hope you guys enjoy and like this month brushes, like I am doing!!!  See you guys…


BoxyCharm February 2018 Spoilers

Hey Gorgeous!!!

Who is ready for some BoxyCharm Feb Box Spoilers!!!

Sneak peek #1:

– Cover FX Shimmer veil in Amethyst – $28.00



*Picture from Cover FX website



Sneak peek #2:

– Crown Brush Trio – $29.99



*Picture from Crown Brush website



Sneak peek #3:

– Charmers will receive either the Naked Cosmetics Holographic Palette ($39.99) or Ofra Cosmetics Pop-up Palette ($31.00)



*Picture from BoxyCharm facebook page.


So far the values of February boxes are $97.98 or $ 88.99. AMAZING!!! For just $21.00!!! I highly recommend this subscription box!!!



BoxyCharm January 2018

Hiii Gorgoeus it’s me again!!! ♥

Today I want to show you what I received in my Boxycharm box January 2018!!! If you are new BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription box. In this amazing box you will receive 5 to 6 full-size beauty and makeup products. It cost is $21.00 each month. I highly recommend it!!!

January theme was “Rock 2018” Rock and Roll Soul…




Now, let me finally show you guys what I received!!!




– Dr. Brant “Pore No More Luminizer Primer” 

– It Cosmetics “Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil”

– Crown Pro “Glam Metals Palette”

– Pür The Complexion Authority “Bronze And Brighten Cheek Palette”

– girlactik “Matte Lip Paint”


I am in love with all of the products!!! ♥♥♥


– Dr. Brandt “Pore No More Luminizer Primer” (1 fl. oz, 30 ml) – $38.00




This primer blurs pores and imperfections for a flawless natural glowing complexion. You can use it with or without makeup. It texture is velvety cream. It consistency is lightweight and is fragrance free.  *unclogs and minimizes pores* I usually use mattifying primers but I would definitely give it a try!!! 

How to use it:

Use in the morning after your daily morning skin care routing. Apply it to center of the forehead, bridge of the nose ,and  cheek bones. 


-It Cosmetics “Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow pencil”  (0.0056 oz / 0.16 g) – $24.00




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This shade is called “Universal Taupe”. This eyebrow pencil is infused with brow-enhancing biotin, lecithin, saw palmetto, nettle, green tea, antioxidants, grape seed, and vitamins A, B5, C and E. The oval tip works on both thin and thick brows to mimic the look of real hair, plus it includes a spooley brush. Their formulas are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. I am loving It Cosmetics products so far, specially the brow products. 

How to use it:

Apply softer strokes for lighter hair colors, and press harder for darker tones. As a finishing touch, lightly brush your brows for a natural with the spooley brush. 

It Cosmetics tips:

To create your most perfect-looking brows, follow these easy-to-remember tips:

(1) The start of your brow should line up directly with the edge of your nose

(2) Your brow arch should align to the outer edge of your iris

(3) The end of your brow should line up with the outer corner of your eye!


– Crown Pro “Glam Metals Palette” – $25.00




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This amazing eyeshadow palette is highly pigmented, is suitable for all skin tones, and is super easy to blend. I really love this palette!!! It is super easy to use and to create your amazing eye makeup look!!! For me they are great quality and stay on all day.

Crown Pro tips:

To take your look up a notch, wet your eyeshadow brush before application. This will intensify the foiling effect of the shadows, resulting in a sultry, smokey glam that will make you want to Rock the night away!


– Pür The Complexion Authority “Bronze and Brighten Cheek Palette” (3 x 0.58 oz Face Shades) – $34.00




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This palette includes highlight, bronzer, and a blush. They are very pigmented!!! LOVE THEM!!! This is an on-the-go cheek palette, it is a perfect size to have it in your makeup bag on your purse!!! The shades name are:

  • Highlighter – “Afterglow”
  • Bronze – “Mineral Glow”
  • Blush – “Blushing Glow”

*Their formula is without animal testing, parabens, and talc.


– Girlactik “Matte Lip Paint” (.25 oz, 7.5 ml) – $23.00






First of all, let me tell you this lip paint smell amazing!!! It smell like vanilla ♥♥♥ This shade is called “Posh”. I love it, it feels super comfortable, do not transfer, and last all day. I definitely want to try other shades!!! I think maybe this will be my new favorite matte lipstick!!!

Girlactik tip:

For true color apply just one coat. Two coats will make color darker for two color optionsDo not apply a lip balm or lip primer before application.


So let me tell you gorgeous this box was AMAZING!!! BEST BOX EVER!!! ♥♥♥

In conclusion, this January box have a value of $144.00. For only $21.00!!! I definitely recommend this monthly subscription box. If you like this subscription and to join, I let my referral link down below ↓

I hope you guys enjoy this post and if you received you January box let a comment of What product you like or hate of the BoxyCharm January 2018 box!!!


Urbanity 2030 January 2018

Hey gorgeous!!!




I received my Urbanity 2030 box (HERS Single Pair Box) and I am so excited!!! I am going to show you guys what I received this month.






I really love this month sunglasses!!! ♥♥♥ All the glasses they send you provide UVA and UVB Protection. I also, received a Profusion Chubby Stick Lips by Profusion Cosmetics as a free gift for my 5th Urbanity 2030 box order. This Chubby Stick is a lip balm combined with rich color. I love this shade ♥♥♥

In every box you receive you get this little card. As a reminder of their Customer loyalty Program. In which you get a free gift in each 5th cycle. You just have to email them and in the next month box they will include your gift!!! Amazing right?!?!?!




If you are like me and love to buy/receive sunglasses and do not spend a lot of money, this subscription is for you!!! It is only $10 every month. The shippings are 3.99 for USA and 11.99 for International. 

If you are interested in this amazing subscription you can use my referral link below ↓ 

If you want to know more about Urbanity 2030, here is the link about how it works!

I hope you guys enjoy it!!!


Pura Vida Bracelets January 2018

Hellooo Gorgeous!!!





Today I want to talk to you about another amazing monthly subscription. This one is about bracelets. I am in love with these bracelets, every month you get 3 bracelets and a sticker. 


What is Pura Vida?

Pura Vida is an amazing brand that help 200+ Artisans to have a steady income in positive working environments. They sell the bracelets, rings, necklaces, accessories and of course  the monthly club subscription for a great cause, too. They have partnered with over 174 different charities around the world and have donated to causes they believe in. And I sincerely love this, love to support brands that sell for a good cause. 


How Pura Vida Monthly Club works?

Each month, you’ll receive 3 exclusive bracelets (up to $50 value).Each pack will include the best selling styles along with fresh, new arrivals. is completely free on all U.S. orders!


How much it cost?

It has a cost of $14.95 monthly and $150.00 yearly (if you decide to do it yearly you will get 2 months free). You can cancel at anytime. Shipping is completely free on all U.S. orders!


So, that being said, I am going to show you guys this month Bracelets!!!




They come every month in this cute little bag!!!




These are the pretty bracelets!!! This month they send an extra one!!! Yay!!! ♥♥♥










I love these amazing bracelets!!! If you would like to subscribe and support this amazing brand and their causes, you click this referral link ↓


I hope you guys enjoy this post and fall in love with these beautiful bracelets…



Urbanity 2030

Hellooo Gorgeous,


I hope you are having an amazing week!!! Have you guys heard of a monthly subscription called Urbanity 2030?!?!?! So, don’t worry I am gonna explain to you what is Urbanity 2030, what you get every month, and what you can receive by been active every month. 




What is Urbanity 2030?

They are a monthly subscription box club that delivers trend eyewear. They have different subscription, including subscription for men. Their subscriptions and prices are:

  • HERs single pair box – $10.00
  • HIs single pair box – $10.00
  • HERs single pair & one Jewelry Accessory – $15.99 
  • HERs single pair & two Jewelry Accessories – $19.99 

 * Box plans are a flat rate plus $3.99 shipping for USA and $9.99 for Canada. International Shipping is $11.99





What you receive every month?

Trending eyewear styles seen on the runway, magazines, on celebrities and social media bloggers. 




What you can receive for been an active subscriber?

You will receive in each box a small card about their Customer Loyalty Program. In which you can redeem a free gift via their Customer Loyalty Program. This program give you a gift on your 5th, 10th, and 15th renewal order. You just have to email them and they will include your gift on your next order.


So if you are like me and you love eyeglasses but don’t want to spend a lot to have them, this subscription box club is FOR YOU!!! 


You can use my referral link and get a 20% off all products!!! 


See you guys in my next post!!!