Julep Maven box April Collection 2018 spoilers & dates!!!

I’m so excited about Julep Maven next month box!!!

Hey Gorgeous!!!


I have been missing in action (lol) because of school ,it’s been a busy week. But I am always thinking about you guys!!! ♥♥♥ So, today I took a little me time to show you guys the amazing Julep April 2018 Collection. & give you guys a reminder of the Julep Maven dates. Let Start…


The Julep April collection includes:


– Way Butter Hydrating Lip Sheer


*Picture from Julep Website.


It is a tinted lip butter and their will be 8 shades. They are made with Shea Butter and blend of emollient, antioxidant-rich oils. They contains Broccoli Seed Oil, collagen-promoting Black Currant Seed Oil, and protective Kahai Oil. 



*Pictures from Julep Website.



– Julep Colors




*Picture from Julep Website.


Julep Colors descriptions:

These new polish shades are the stuff of sugar-sweet dreams with shimmery and iridescent finishes as the icing on top.



*Picture from Julep Website.



Flat White Nail Tape




*Picture from Julep Website.



Some inspirational ideas:



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*Pictures from Julep Website.






I can’t wait for the 20th of this month to see what I am going to be receiving in Julep Maven Box for next month!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this reveal and see you soon… Take care!!! ♥♥♥

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Julep Bouquet All Day $5 Spring Polishes!

Julep February 2018

What I received in this month box!!!

Hi Gorgeous!!!

Today I want to show you guys what I received in my Julep Maven box this month ♥. If this is the first time knowing about Julep, don’t worry I am going to tell you what Julep is about.



What is Julep Maven Box?

Julep Maven box is a monthly subscription, in which you will receive new nail colors, skin care, and beauty products. You will receive each month a box with a $40.00 value.  Also, they have a Maven Luxe Box, this one has a value of $60.00.

Every 20th of the month you can customize your box!!! (you have 4 days to customize it). You can pick what you like, upgrade your box, and select add-ons. Every time you buy from their website and you pay for your monthly box , you will receive reward points (called Jules). This Jules you can use them for the add-ons when you are customizing your box.  

How much this Julep Maven Box costs?

They have two subscription:

My maven

This box has a value of $40.00 for only $24.00 each month or $19.99 each month with a 3 month prepaid subscription. 

– Maven Luxe

This box has a value of $60+ for only $39.99 each month or $34.99 each months with a 3 month prepaid subscription. 

You can customize each Julep maven Box. Also, ( my favorite part) you can skip a month, send your box to a friend, or cancel your subscription anytime. 

Dates to remember:

20th – 24th each month (customize your box)

27th of each month (payment of Julep box)

This month theme is “Eyes for You” and they are introducing the NEW ‘So Awake” Depuffing Gel Eye Cream. I am in love with this month packaging!!! It look so beautiful. 

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What I received?

– Nail Treatment of 4 piece set:

  • Julep “Take a Breather” Oxygen Nail Treatment (Sheer pink)
  • Julep “Take a Breather” oxygen Nail Treatment (Sheer pink)
  • Julep “Take a Breather” Oxygen Nail Treatment (Sheer Pearl)
  • Julep “Your cuticles look thirsty” Fast-Absorbing Cuticle Crème

– Add-ons:

  • Julep “Vanish” Cuticle softener & Remover

Heart shape chocolate (sooo yummy!!!) Thank you so much for that Julep!!!


– Julep “Take a breather” Oxygen nail Treatment (.27 fl oz, 9ml) “Sheer pink” -$14.40


– Julep “Take a breather” Oxygen Nail Treatment (.74 fl oz, 22 ml)”Sheer Pink” –(Price unknown)


– Julep “Take a breather” Oxygen nail Treatment (.27 fl oz, 8ml) “Sheer Pearl” $14.40



These are the Julep colors, the left one is “Sheer Pink” and the right one is “Sheer Pearl”.

These amazing nail treatments are the same, but in different sizes, colors, and containers. Their colors are “Sheer Pink” “Sheer Pearl”. This nail polish treats, protects your nails, and allows your nails to breathe. Also, it helps to strengthen your nails. 

Julep: Our nutrient-rich formula also includes nail-boosting Hexanal, anti-aging plant cells, and a protective UV filter.

– Julep “Your cuticles look thirsty” Fast-Absorbing Cuticle Crème (.5 oz, 15 g) – $16.00



This cuticle cream have a blend of Honey, Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, and Salicylic Acid that hydrates and heals your cuticles. It absorbs really quick and feels great. I also have their older formula and in a different container but this one is great too!!! I love it.

Julep tip: To use: Apply a small amount onto each nail and surrounding cuticle area. Apply as needed throughout the day to maintain softness and prevent dehydration.

Julep “Vanish” Cuticle Softener & Remover (1 fl oz, 30 ml) – $14.40 



This is the BEST PRODUCT EVER!!! to soften and remove the cuticles. No more pain and no more hurting yourself while pushing your cuticles!!! This will be my second bottle, I am in love ♥♥♥ with it. I highly recommend it!!! I put a drop in each nail cuticle, wait for about 2 min, and push them back with the Julep Cuticle Pusher (my favorite cuticle pusher, I included a picture of it). After doing that I go and wash my hands. And my nails looks beautiful, healthy and ready for some Julep colors!!! 

Julep tip: To use: Apply a few drops to the base of your nails. Gently push back cuticles with Julep’s Cuticle Pusher or an orangewood stick. Immediately wash nails in warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly.

This box has a value of $59.20 (without counting the Big size of “Sheer Pink”). So I paid for this box $34.98 (instead of $24.99 because I choose an add-on). So, not bad a all. I highly recommend this subscription box!!! 

If you are interested and wants to join this amazing monthly box, you can subscribe using my referral link and you will receive a FREE 12-pc polish gift when you join Julep beauty box! amazing right!!! 


Or you can use this other referral link ( you get 50% off your first box)


And if you would like to join the Julep Ambassador family, you can join here:


To know more about how the Julep Ambassador works, click here:


I hope you guys like it and see you soon…


A Valentine Themed Mystery Box

Julep Maven Box September 2017

Hey gorgeous,


 I hope you guys are having a great start this week!!! The other day I received my Julep Maven Box for this month. I am excited to show you guys what I received this month and try the products. This month they are celebrating 6 YEARS of Julep Maven Box!!!




               This box include the 3 products you always are gonna received (remember that you can always edit your box), 3 add-ons and the gift for having added 3 products as add-ons. Awesome right!!! ( Who doesn’t love free products!!!) Oh and this month they send some cute stickers too.  Also like always they send a coupon “free polish with a $10.00 purchase”. I received:

  • blank canvas Mattifying Treatment Primer
  • Karin It Girl
  • Rossi Bombshell

Add- ons (with my Jules-Rewards points)

  • be strong Oxygen Nail Therapy
  • Nail Decals – Small Turquoise Chevrons
  • Black Nail Diamonds


  • Katya Classic With A Twist


               They also send every month like a card showing the new products of the month and a quote in it. 





         I love to collect all of this cards and the ones that I received in all my monthly subscriptions. I like to put them in my inspiration wall at my office. I’m gonna show you guys my inspiration wall in another post. (so, stay tuned!!!)  I didn’t took picture of the stickers because as soon I opened the box my little princess started playing with them, putting them in my laptop ♥♥♥


Let’s start!!!


blank canvas Mattifying Treatment Primer ($22.40)




   This amazing primer creates a smooth, even canvas. That way your makeup last all day and also absorb excess oil. I love Julep mattifying primer!!! My skin type is oily and believe me this primer make my skin feels great, without the feeling of oil in my face. How to use it? Apply a pea-sized amount over your clean hands. I like to rub in my hands and then apply it in the face, that way it gets warm and penetrate your skin better.  Remember to always wash your face before applying primer and makeup.  You can wear this primer with makeup or alone. 


               Julep nail color are fast-drying, long-lasting nail polishes powered by breakthrough Oxygen Technology that makes nails healthy. They are vegan-friendly formula.


karin (It Girl) ($11.20)




     I love this nail color. Its finish is Crème and the color description is Powdered Lilac Crème. In this picture I applied one coat. It is like nude color which is an adorable nail color. 


Rossi (Bombshell) ($11.20)




In love with this color! Rossi finish is Crème. The color description is Dark Taupe Crème. In this picture I only applied one coat of the nail color. It is a perfect color for fall. If you use it with Karin it will look amazing!


be strong Oxygen nail Therapy ($14.40)




This oxygen nail treatment is a conditioning treatment that heals and hardens nails. This is an amazing basecoat. I choose this one as an add-on with my Jules (reward points) because my nails were getting really weak and getting broken.  So far I am loving it and my nails feels hard and healthy. How to use it? You can apply two coats twice a week or if you are using it as a basecoat apply only one coat and then the nail color of your choice. Let it dry before applying the nail color.


Nail Decals: Small Turquoise Chevrons and Black Nail Diamonds 




They don’t have them on sale, you can only get them with your subscription. I got these ones using my Jules. They were 400 Jules each. I love Julep nail decals!!! Every time I see new decals I am like “OMG I want them now!!!” lol They are great nail decals.


Katya (Classic With A Twist) ($11.20)




               Love this nail color also. Its finish is  Crème and the color description is Açai Berry Crème. It is a great nail color for fall. I love dark colors like this one. In this picture I applied one coat.


Here are the swathes 




And this is what I created with this month Julep products ♥♥♥




So this month my Julep box have a value of $70.40 without adding the amount of the nail decals ( I don’t remember how much they are because I got them using the Jules). This is a great deal!!! Seven products valued at $70.40 for only $24.99!!! ♥♥♥


If you are interested in this monthly subscription you can use my referral link ↓



If you can put it on, you can pull it of. #bravepretty


Easy Manicure

Hellooo beautiful,


       I hope you guys are having an amazing week!!! Today I’m gonna show you how I I do a quick and easy manicure. In this post I am gonna use nail products and tools from Julep.  I love Julep products they are amazing!!! All of this products I got them in my Julep monthly subscription. These are the products that I use:


FullSizeRender (2)


Let me show how my nails were before the manicure.


FullSizeRender (3)


So I started using a manicure bowl (you can get one at amazon http://amzn.to/2eEqQvt ) I filled it with warm water and a little bit of fagrance-free soap ( I used this one http://amzn.to/2eEjSqp ) the seventh Generation Hand Wash (Free & Clean Unscented). I put my fingers in the water for about 2 minutes that way the cuticle will get soft and more manageable. I did first my left hand and then the right hand.




Then I use the Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover. I drop a few drops in to the base of my nails and let it set for 30 seconds. 






After waiting for the Julep Vanish to set I use the Julep Cuticle Pusher. This cuticle pusher is stainless steel coated in ultra-durable, bacteria-resistant Teflon. I pushed my cuticles and clean the borders of the nail.




 Then I washed my hands and nail with a nail brush ( I got mine at amazon  nail Brush ). I cut my nails and file them with the Julep Emery Board . Remember to file your nails in one direction that way you prevent splitting!!! 


When my nails are clean and file I roll through my cuticles this Julep Essential Cuticle Oil. It is a blend of essentials oils and vitamin E, smell amazing!!!. Also it have aromatherapy benefits. Every time I use it I can’t smelling my hands lol. Wait for it to dry before starting with the Nail colors.




And now the fun part. COLORSSS!!!




I got inspired by fall decorations to use this nail polish colors. I choose Rosemary (Boho Glam) the color description is Modern Brick Crème and Jaydra (Classic With A Twist) the color description is  Tuscan Rose Sheer Holographic. I decorate two of my nails with this nail decals from Julep.




They look beautiful and super easy to apply. To seal the nail decals and for the top coat I used the Julep Oxygen Brightening Treatment (Brighter Is Better) makes your nails strong and healthy. 




The final look!!! ♥♥♥




Have fun, be creative!!! Let me show what I did a couple of weeks ago inspired by Julep the month that I got those nail colors and decals. ♥♥♥




I hope you guys love this post and find it helpful!!! See you in the next one…






Julep Maven Box July 2017

Hi gorgeous,

               How is your day going so far?!?!?! Mine has been great, sleeping and having fun with my amazing family. So today I’m gonna show you guys my first monthly subscription that I subscribed and I love, love… 😍. This monthly box is called “Julep”.

               In this subscription you get 3 full size products, they can be nail polish or beauty products. The cost for this box is $24.99 each month. With this subscription you can skip a month or send it to a friend. Also every month you get your Julep box you receive 350 jules (points) to redeem them for nail polishes or beauty products (full size). And if you choose 3 or more items as add ons you get a free item full size too!!! 

               When you join you get a quiz, this quiz will help them to choose your monthly box and create products you will love. If you invite a friend and they join, you receive $15.

This is how it works every:

  • 20th of the month you can see the new collection and the products you will receive.  This is the best part ☺️ you can edit your customize your box. 
  • 24th of the month is the last day to customize your box.
  • 27th of the month your payment is processed.
  • And by the 10th of the next month you get your box!!!

Here we go!!!

               This months theme is “Neon Nights” and was inspired by vibrant summer nights, where bright, vivid hues take the spotlight. Now I’m gonna show you what I got for this month:

I received:

  • Nadine
  • So Plush Ultra-hydrating lip gloss
  • Hayat 
  • Ming (add on)
  • Palm tree nail decals (add on)
  • White bows nail decals (add on)
  • Metal marres (temporary tattoos) (add on)
  • Alysha (July gift for 3 or more add ons)

Nadine (.27 fl oz) ($11.20)

               This shades description is ‘Tangy Permmon Créme”. It has a créme finish. I love this color and I would wear it all summer!!!

So Plush Ultra-hydrating lip gloss (.15 fl oz) ($15.20)

               This shade is called “low key- mocha nude créme”. Is non-sticky and it’s enriched with hyaluronic filling spheres to deeply hydrate and naturally plump the look of your lips. You can use it alone or with your favorite lipstick. It goes on smooth and feels amazing!!!

Hayat (.27 fl oz) ($11.20)

               This shades description is “Blazing Hibiscus Créme”. It has a créme finish. Super cute for this summer!!!

Add ons:

Ming (.27 fl oz) (11.20) 

               Ming color description is “Sheer Wild Orchid Jelly” and it has a sheer finish. You can wear it alone, put some nail decals or decorations on top or wear it on top of your favorite nail polish color.

Nail decals/Tattoo

               You peel them off, stick them on your nail and seal it using top coat. Easy, right?

Alysha (.27 fl oz) ($11.20)

               This nail polish finish is holographic and the color description is “Vivid Pansy Holographic” or you can call it “purple star” like my favorite girl in the world called it 😝 lol. 

               They come with these white stickers on top, so you can make swatches of the color. 

               In conclusion the value of this box is $37.60 (without the add ons). I highly recommend this monthly subscription I love it, and I always received compliments when I’m using Julep nail polish. I really hope this post help you. 

If you guys decided to join, I will leave here the link: (Righ now they are offering 12 nail polish free when you join!!!):


See you guys soon!!!