Julep Maven Box July 2017

Hi gorgeous,

               How is your day going so far?!?!?! Mine has been great, sleeping and having fun with my amazing family. So today I’m gonna show you guys my first monthly subscription that I subscribed and I love, love… 😍. This monthly box is called “Julep”.

               In this subscription you get 3 full size products, they can be nail polish or beauty products. The cost for this box is $24.99 each month. With this subscription you can skip a month or send it to a friend. Also every month you get your Julep box you receive 350 jules (points) to redeem them for nail polishes or beauty products (full size). And if you choose 3 or more items as add ons you get a free item full size too!!! 

               When you join you get a quiz, this quiz will help them to choose your monthly box and create products you will love. If you invite a friend and they join, you receive $15.

This is how it works every:

  • 20th of the month you can see the new collection and the products you will receive.  This is the best part ☺️ you can edit your customize your box. 
  • 24th of the month is the last day to customize your box.
  • 27th of the month your payment is processed.
  • And by the 10th of the next month you get your box!!!

Here we go!!!

               This months theme is “Neon Nights” and was inspired by vibrant summer nights, where bright, vivid hues take the spotlight. Now I’m gonna show you what I got for this month:

I received:

  • Nadine
  • So Plush Ultra-hydrating lip gloss
  • Hayat 
  • Ming (add on)
  • Palm tree nail decals (add on)
  • White bows nail decals (add on)
  • Metal marres (temporary tattoos) (add on)
  • Alysha (July gift for 3 or more add ons)

Nadine (.27 fl oz) ($11.20)

               This shades description is ‘Tangy Permmon Créme”. It has a créme finish. I love this color and I would wear it all summer!!!

So Plush Ultra-hydrating lip gloss (.15 fl oz) ($15.20)

               This shade is called “low key- mocha nude créme”. Is non-sticky and it’s enriched with hyaluronic filling spheres to deeply hydrate and naturally plump the look of your lips. You can use it alone or with your favorite lipstick. It goes on smooth and feels amazing!!!

Hayat (.27 fl oz) ($11.20)

               This shades description is “Blazing Hibiscus Créme”. It has a créme finish. Super cute for this summer!!!

Add ons:

Ming (.27 fl oz) (11.20) 

               Ming color description is “Sheer Wild Orchid Jelly” and it has a sheer finish. You can wear it alone, put some nail decals or decorations on top or wear it on top of your favorite nail polish color.

Nail decals/Tattoo

               You peel them off, stick them on your nail and seal it using top coat. Easy, right?

Alysha (.27 fl oz) ($11.20)

               This nail polish finish is holographic and the color description is “Vivid Pansy Holographic” or you can call it “purple star” like my favorite girl in the world called it 😝 lol. 

               They come with these white stickers on top, so you can make swatches of the color. 

               In conclusion the value of this box is $37.60 (without the add ons). I highly recommend this monthly subscription I love it, and I always received compliments when I’m using Julep nail polish. I really hope this post help you. 

If you guys decided to join, I will leave here the link: (Righ now they are offering 12 nail polish free when you join!!!):


See you guys soon!!!