FaFitFun Summer Edit Sale 2018

FabFitFun Summer Edit Sale Dates and July events…

Hey Gorgeous!!!


Today the FabFitFun Summer Edit Sale is open for the Select Members!!! YAY!!! Go and check the amazing items they are selling in this Summer Edit Sale!!!


Here are the dates:




Also, this month they have great things for us!!!

Check it out:

July 10 – FFF TV “Ask A MAtchmaker Episode 3 – Sex with a New Partner”

July 16 – FB Live “Founder Chat with Summer & Rose”

July 26 – FB Live “Founder Chat with Maji Sports”


Thank you @fabfitfun for introducing me to some of my all-time favorite products. #fabfitfunaffiliate There’s something nice about having all of the season’s #essentials delivered to your door without having to lift a finger! 🙂 If you don’t already get their boxes, you can sign up using the code EPIC at FabFitFun to get $10 off your box! #fabfitfun


I hope you guys enjoy it and see you soon…