FabFitFun Edit Sale!!!

Exciting news from FabFitFun…

Hiii Gorgeous!!!


I have great news!!! FabFitFun is going to have a Edit Sale pretty soon!!! I don’t want you to miss it…


So, these are the dates of the amazing sale!!!




Edit Sale Dates:

– April 9 to 10 for the select members. 

April 11 to 15 for all members.


Exciting news right!!! if you aren’t subscribe to this amazing seasonal subscription you can use my referral link here.  And if you want early access, just upgrade your membership and you will get the first dates to shopping from great deals!!! 


Thank you @fabfitfun for introducing me to some of my all-time favorite products. #fabfitfunpartner There’s something nice about having all of the season’s #essentials delivered to your door without having to lift a finger! 🙂 If you don’t already get their boxes, you can sign up using the code ‘SUNSHINE’ at Fabfitfun to get $10 off your box! #fabfitfun