Message station for my parents


I was watching my welcome and Bulletin board wall of my FCC program and was thinking “Well, I need to make something that can help me to handle my parents their children’s  daily reports or information without forgetting nothing” So I came up with this idea and what I like the most about this idea is that is super inexpensive. And help me to keep things organized in that area.

I made this little message station in the wall. What you need:


  • Photo mailer envelopes
  • scissor
  • scrapbooking papers
  • tape (I used for the inside, it was more easy)
  • packaging tape ( i used this one for the outside)


I cut like 1/4 of the envelope


And cut it like this (this will be the front part)


I cut out the corners:


I cut this part to use it later


Here I’m showing you how I cut it to cover the envelope and how I used the part that I told you we were gonna use later:


And Tadaaa. This is how it looks!!!


I made four (right now I only have three kids and the other one is gonna be for drop-in) This is how part of my wall looks now!!!


I hope you guys like it!!! I will be doing more awesome project and sharing with you all!!!

Have a great day,