How to paint a ceramic tray

Hello gorgeous,


Welcome back to my blog!!! I hope you guys had an amazing beginning of the week!!! Today I was cleaning and organizing my arts and crafts closet and I found a ceramic tray. I remembered that got it free at the thrift store like 2 years ago. So finally, I decided to paint it!!! I want it in white and use it to use it in my kitchen. I didn’t want to spend money to make this project, I used what I already have here in my home. And it was super easy!!! 😉 (Sorry I didn’t took a picture of how it was before I paint it)



What you will need?


– Acrylic white paint ( I used Anita’s All Purpose Acrylic)

– Paint brushes (2)

– Mod Podge Matte

– Some kind of paper to protect the surface that you are using ( I used a piece of a drawing paper roll)



First, I cleaned and dryer it. Then I start painting it with acrylic paint in White.






This was with only 1 coat.






So I gave it 3 coats and let it dry. When it was completely dry, I started to seal it with the mod podge (matte).





I used the other brush to seal it and I let it dry for about 1 hour. I put it in a save place, that my kids weren’t going to ruin it 😊. And this is how it turn out!!! 💜💜💜




And this is how the tray look at my kitchen!!!





I love how it looks in the window of the kitchen. This is an idea of what you can put in the tray, but there are so many things you can decorate it with, like candles, products that you use in the kitchen ( for cleaning), hand lotion for when you finish doing the dishes you can moisturize your hands, etc…



I hope you guys enjoy this project and see you soon!!!