DIY Basket

Hi Gorgeous,


I was yesterday picking up my dog toys and cleaning the living room. And I was thinking what can I use or buy to maintain my dog toys organize in the living room. I was thinking and thinking what I wanted there, besides her bed. So, I got to the conclusion of “I don’t need to waste money to have something pretty for her toys. I found an empty box, hot glue, fabric, and jute rope. I decided to make a basket out of a box. I just gonna tell you guys, it turned out super cute, so I decided to use in the bathroom instead😉.



What you need?


1. Empty cardboard box

2. Hot glue

3. Glue sticks

4. Muslim fabric 1 yard*

5. Jute rope

6. Scissors

*you aren’t going to use it all, just depends of the size of the cardboard box.


First, I plugged in the hot glue and while it was getting hot, I cut off the box flaps. Then, I started wrapping the cardboard box at the bottom first with the jute rope using the hot glue to adhere it to the box. I was putting hot glue at the corners of each side and in the middle in every single loop. When I got to the middle of the cardboard box, I then put in the Muslim fabric. I put it in like a basket liner and cut the parts I wasn’t gonna use (that’s how I measured the fabric).


After I measured the fabric, I glued it to the box. And started wrapping again with the jute hiding the fabric with it. I wrapped like 1 inch of the fabric. When I finished wrapping the box + fabric I made a bow without cutting the jute rope and glued it and then I cut the rope.



AND TA-DA!!! This is the final look!!!



You can fill your pretty basket with whatever you want!!! In mine I have some soap samples from Lush ( I love them!!! Their product are amazing) and bath bombs for my kids, this one is Body and Earth Bath Bombs (Cherry Blossom) that I got in the clearance section at Walmart. Also, I might include toilet paper and some daily liners  and feminine pads  (that way I can have them handy when I need them). That are some ideas of items that I am thinking to put in mine basket. What are  you gonna include in yours?! Comment below ↓


I hope you guys enjoy this DIY Project!!! ♥♥♥