Tarte Haul!!!

I want to share with you guys my recently Tarte Cosmetics purchase…

Hey Gorgeous!!!


Today I received my Tarte Cosmetics order and I want it to share what I bought with you guys…  I am a huge fan of Tarte makeup and beauty products!!!




The items I received in this order were:


– Scrublet

Colored Clay CC Primer

Gym Bag grabs set

– “Spice Up Your Stare” Deluxe tarteist™ eyeliner set




Scrublet  also known as the “cleansing cutie Scrubber” 




I love this cutie scrubber. It is so soft and when you wash your face with it. it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s so cute and it doesn’t take to much space in your bathroom vanity. 


Tarte Cosmetics Tip:

Dispense your favorite cleanser, such as tarte’s deep dive cleansing gel, onto the scrubber and massage directly onto wet skin in gentle, circular motions for 30-60 seconds before rinsing skin and patting dry

Apply exfoliating treatments, such as the frxxxtion stick 3-in-1 exfoliating cleanser, directly onto wet skin and then use the scrubber to massage formula for a deeper clean. Rinse skin and pat dry for smooth, polished results.


– Colored Clay CC Primer




I haven’t use it yet. They only have two shades available and decided to go with the shade called ” Tan”. I am getting a little more tan lately, so I hope this shade will be perfect for me. Especially in summer… But If it is too dark I can always mix it with a lighter shade and match my skin tone. I decided to buy it because I was looking for something easy to put on and of course try new makeup products. I am a Mary Kay consultant and also I am starting my career as a Makeup Artist. So, I like to try new products and of course see what it’s best for my clients. That way when a client ask for a certain product, I will have some knowledge about it. 


Tarte Cosmetics Tip:

Apply the convenient stick applicator directly to your face starting at the center and blending outward. Buff into skin using fingertips or a foundation brush to blend pigments together for a flawless finish


– Gym Bag grabs set




This amazing set includes:

– Full size lifted sweatproof mascara in black brown $23.00

Travel-size brighter days highlighting moisturizer $12.00

– Deluxe quench lip rescue in nude

– Fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes (10 count) $10.00


I got this amazing set because I was looking for the lifted sweatproof mascara. It is my favorite but the mascara has a value of $23.00!!! So I got it in this set, and this set has a value of $12.00 right now!!! For a less price I got my favorite mascara and other amazing products. Also, I am currently going to physical therapy and gym for my knee pain, for me is a  win win, great products. great price and I can go to my appointments feeling glamorous.    


Tarte Cosmetics Tip:

Brighten and hydrate skin with a sheer, even layer of the brighter days highlighting moisturizer. Finish with a subtle pop of pigment with the lifted sweatproof mascara in a natural black brown and the quench lip rescue in a sheer nude shade. If desired, remove makeup and sweat with the single-use, biodegradable fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes. 


– “Spice Up Your Stare” Deluxe tarteist™ eyeliner set




This limited-edition eyeliner set includes:

– Four deluxe tarteist™ clay paint liners in mulberry, champagne, black & copper

– Double-ended eyeliner brush

I haven’t used them yet, but I will pretty soon… I just love the idea to try this clay paint liners and have them handy in my makeup kit. An I also like that the set came with a double-ended eyeliner brush to create with it. (Be creative, nothing in art is right or wrong, just be you and more important have fun doing it)


Tarte Cosmetics Tip:

  1. SQUEEZE: Gently squeeze a pin-sized amount of liner onto the palette surface.
  2. LINE: Pick up a small amount using the included eyeliner brush.
  3. DEFINE: Glide brush along the upper & lower lashline or extend it out to a wing.

tarteist™ tip: To avoid shade transferring, wash brush with mild soap & water & lay flat to dry. Wipe the eyeliner palette surface clean after each use.


And of course, another reason why I love Tarte are the free samples with your order:




I received a sample of the “drink of H2O” hydrating boost. I can’t wait to try this moisturizer.


Tarte Cosmetics Tip:
Apply evenly all over the face & neck after cleansing. For best results, use in the morning & at night.
If you want to earn cash back when you buy online in Tarte Cosmetics website. You can earn it when you buy through Ebates.  Right now you can earn 4.0% cash back from your order. Yo can use my referral link here and you will get $10.00 when you spend at least $25 in your order with Ebates. 
I hope you guys enjoy it and see you… 


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