Julep Ambassador

Hi gorgeous,

I am so excited and I want to share this excitement with you guys!!! I became a Julep Ambassador!!! Wohooo… ♥♥♥ I invite you to become a Julep Ambassador too.

So I know you are like “what is a Julep Ambassador? What an Ambassador does?” Well, I am here to answer all your questions/concerns!

A Julep Ambassador is a person that share the brand product launches, events, contest, and more using social medias (Instagram, Facebook, twitter and YouTube).

What are the benefits? 

You earn points by sharing #BravePretty content and spreading the love ♥, recruiting friends, links click, and more amazing ways. You can redeem your points for julep products.  You gain insider access, earn beauty bonuses, and be entered in giveaways.   Also, you can gain badges!!!

What are some of the prizes?

  • one grand prize winner each month will receive a $500 Julep Prize Pack!
  • 5 runner-ups will receive a $100 Julep Prize Pack!

AMAZING right!!!♥♥♥

If you like this and want to become a Julep Ambassador for this amazing brand Julep, you can use this referral link:

Become a Julep Ambassador

#julepambassadors #bravepretty #rememberyouarebeautiful♥

Author: abbyslittlecornerblog

Hi I’m Abby. I’m the creative mind behind Abby’s little corner. I love to decorate, organize, diy projects, beauty, reviews and have fun! I love to help and give ideas. I'm currently studying Master Makeup Artistry , Hair Styling and Fashion Styling. My dream is to be a makeup artist and a Fashion Designer, with your support let's make this dream come true!!! 😘

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